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World Of Goo

Excellent , Fluide , Précis , graphiquement Magnifique.

Fantastic game

Totally worth buying!!!

Made for iPad

This game is even more awesome on the iPad than on the computer. Enchanting game for old and young :)

I Love this Game!

On any platform, but on my iPhone its crashing from time to time and i got no Sound. Any ideas?

My thoughts (if you care)

Soundtrack compares to 28 days later (really good) artwork compares to Tim Burtons (really good, childish and slightly disturbing) gameplay is the most original, addictive, challenging and fun. (like minecraft) a must have for sure


Theyve done a really nice job of utilizing the touch screen for this game, as it flows very nicely. Not choppy like some other touch screen games.


I have an iPod (4th generation) but mine keeps crashing once I select the season. I paid 4$ for this app, and I want help! I tried deleting and buying it again, but it stayed the same!!! I am FRUSTRATED!!


This is the first game Ive taken time to review and actually this game is fantastic. The touch screen was used perfectly and to be honest, Ive played the game on the computer and I prefer I the iPhone version. its tricky at times but thats part of the fun :) I think the game is the perfect difficulty. The humor is a great aspect as well. Definitely recommend it to anyone!

Amazing game

Very clever puzzle and level design. Definitely a worthwhile purchase :-)


When is World of Goo 2 coming out???

Best Game Ever

I just finished and I was sad it was over. Love the story line and graphics! Sooooo creative! I hope that you guys come out with a follow up! Thanks guys :)


A great puzzle game with lots of levels.

Im a big fan.

Wildly addictive.


Addictive and entertaining. I love this game. I had it on the Wii but it is a natural for the touch screen. Great.

Best Game EVER!

"World Of Goo" is my favorite game in the whole world! It rocks and is a no doubt 5-star game! "World Of Goo" is awesome!

One of the best game Ive ever downloaded

Now that, is a "money well spent" app. My husband and I had a blast trying to get through all the levels and we hope there will be a sequel to this! Graphics are great, easy to understand and fun throughout. Well done!!

A great game!

The app is great! This game is perfect on iOS. It is exactly like the PC version. I did the entire game but I still love it, so I tried it on my new retina iPad. The price is fine for the quality of this game. But, there is still some improvements to do... First, it is difficult, very difficult, to take the goo you want when there is too much of them in the same space. I dont see any possible solutions for that problem but it would be great to find a soluTion for that! Secondly, with the multitouch gestures on the new iPad, it is impossible to take four or more goo at the same time because it starts the app switching animation and freezes the game during a few seconds. Its annoying a bit. Thirdly, I dont exactly know if this app is adapted for the new iPad retina display but it doesnt use every pixel, Im sure of that. The graphics are better than a non-retina app but still improvements to do. Overall, a great game but needs another update to fix the glitches. 2D Boy is not operating anymore but Im sure it would do a big success if they create a new game and add more levels to this one.

Fav game on the iPad

Played this awhile ago. Still think its the best game on the iPad by far. Very unique.


Its been a couple years since the release, but if you havent had the privilege of playing this game, do it! I just got the game and am loving every minute. It looks and plays beautifully, Im so happy I didnt skip this one, its a real treat

Blurry on retina display

I loved this game on Wii. I bought it for the iPad after the update that said retina support, but the images are still all low resolution, so blurry. Does the beautiful art an injustice!

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